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Friday, 2022-10-07, 7:59 AM
Well, seems as though the site is a private little ghost town.
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Me and a group of friends are working on a video for a contest. As of now we have a fairly good idea of what were doing. But ideas are welcome!
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Ok, i will now be uploading games that Baker Games has created, or you can send a request for you're game to be uploaded! All files will be compressed as a .rar to save server space, so you will need Winrar or 7ZIP. 7Zip is a free program, as for Winrar, i am not sure.
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Does anyone have any suggestions on adding Game Maker Games in to the site? We cannot use GMBed unless your game is encrypted because it has been reported that people can download the games using GMBed. Ant suggestions would be greatly appreaciated! Thank you. smile
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well, lets see if this theme is better. smile
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Ok, so it has been about a week since i started managing the site again, since then, i sill see guests that are just looking around, please, if you are looking at our site, please register, it is TOTALLY free of charge. and you will no longer be able to post on the tag board without registering.


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yes, Omegrakai is now writing articles in the News forums in the forums. and can write articles in the main news are here on the main page.
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Yes, we shall be hosting our first ever picture contest, go to the forums for rules and regulations. The person who submits the funniest picture wins!
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yes. after a few days, i can finnaly get back online. Now then, i will be adding some new flash games and photos. And ill see what i can do about Game maker games, seeing as how GMbed is not so safe for the game creators (for more info please look in forums).
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Well, i have changed the name and look of the site. please leave comments on this news subject to say if you like this look, or if i should change it again.


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